Baskin-Robbins and DoorDash will deliver ice cream to your stoop

But don't expect whipped cream.

If you're like me, once the mercury starts rising, your diet slowly becomes more and more ice-cream-and-popsicle based. But what if it's too hot and you don't want to drive or walk to the nearest ice cream parlor? That's where Baskin-Robbins comes in. The franchise claims it has devised a way to deliver its frozen confections, intact, to your door thanks to a partnership with DoorDash. Some 600 stores in 22 cities are making delicious deliveries. There is a catch: While you can surely order whatever you'd like, you'll have to supply your own whipped cream.

That's because in Robbins' tests, it found that the topping was the first to start melting while en route to customers. Oh well. Delivery fees vary by location, but can you really put a price on convenience and not having to put on pants?