PlayStation Vue drops its cheapest packages, now starts at $40

Slim TV packages that dropped local TV stations are no longer available.

Until now, in some areas, PlayStation Vue offered "Slim" versions of its streaming TV packages that dropped local TV channels and cost $10 less than the standard options. Now, as it's rolled out local broadcasts from more networks and in more places it has pulled the plug on those Slim options. Without the $30 per month Slim Access bundle, now its cheapest offering is the standard Access package that costs $40 per month.

On its website, PlayStation Vue says that as of yesterday new customers can no longer sign up for Slim bundles, while customers currently on them will retain their subscription for three months before it switches to the non-Slim version (at the higher cost). In a statement published by Deadline, the company said "The transition to standard pricing for all markets was always part of our roadmap since we launched PlayStation Vue nationwide and began rolling out local broadcast affiliates in markets with Slim plans."

The new lineup is certainly simplified, but cord-cutters looking to save every buck on channels they don't want (or can get for free via antenna) may need to look for another option.

I heard PlayStation™Vue pricing is changing. Can you tell me more?

Effective 7/6/2017 for new customers, PlayStation™Vue plans will have the same nationwide pricing, as follows:

Access: $39.99/mo*

Core: $44.99/mo*

Elite: $54.99/mo*

Ultra: $74.99/mo*

If you are already subscribing at one of the prices above, your price will not change.

If you have Access Slim, Core Slim, Elite Slim, or Ultra Slim pricing, you will keep your current price for three billing cycles after the July 6 pricing change announcement. At the conclusion of this period, your monthly subscription will change (on your subscription renewal date) to the pricing above, based on the plan you have. If you upgrade, downgrade, or re-subscribe during this special pricing period, currently available pricing will apply.

*Taxes may apply.