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The Morning After: Thursday, July 13th 2017

The fight for net neutrality.

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Silicon Valley / HBO
Silicon Valley / HBO

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

The internet took a stand on net neutrality and Microsoft's default font settings have the spotlight in Pakistan's political drama. It must be Wednesday.

Thousands of sites stood up against the FCC's plan to gut net neutrality.The internet rallies around the fight for net neutrality

Yesterday was the net neutrality Day of Action, and with the first deadline for comments on the FCC proposal up in five days, plenty of sites are making it easy today to voice an opinion. Some websites, including Netflix, Twitch, Spotify and PornHub, have added banners to their pages. Mozilla, Vimeo and Airbnb have added more-substantial additions to the top of their pages while websites like Twitter and Google have opted for blog posts. In short, lots of reminders to speak your mind here.

A political scandal that's not in the US for onceMicrosoft's Calibri font is at the center of a political scandal

Meet #FontGate. And yes, it deserves the name. In Pakistan, financial documents submitted by the prime minister's daughter are under scrutiny because of the Panama Papers leak and due to the font used -- Calibri. The documents were supposedly submitted in 2006, but use a Microsoft font that wasn't available by default until 2007. It's a big deal.

A sled hit 70 MPH at Devloop in Nevada this past May.Hyperloop One claims its first successful test run

The potential is an easy sell, but until now, we haven't seen Hyperloop One's proposed mag-lev transit system in action. The company has now announced that on May 12th, it completed its first full-scale test. The sled hit 70 MPH, in a vacuum, at the company's Nevada testing facility. Eventual target speed? 250 MPH.

It got a nose job.See how Tesla's Model 3 has changed since its debut

We'll let the gif do most of the talking.

Now we just need the TVs.MIT solves a major problem holding up glasses-free 3D TVs

One of the reasons you don't have at-home 3D without glasses is a lack of content that would be compatible with such a display. MIT's Home3D system makes it easy to convert traditional stereoscopic 3D movies to formats ready for 'automultiscopic' displays without glasses.

Third time's the charm?LG teases a V30 reveal for IFA 2017

A teaser image promising an August 31st unveiling likely means we'll see the third iteration of LG's V-series phone at IFA next month. Unsurprisingly, the image suggests we'll see another version of its extra-tall FullVision screen. The bad news, unfortunately, is that it could be the end of the line for the V's secondary display feature (and removable battery).

New 'dog, new tricks.AirDog's ADII 'follow me' drone doubles down on action sports

It seemed every other new drone a few years ago was quick to publicize its 'follow me' features, but only a few of the companies behind these bots remain. The small AirDog team survived, and now it's back with the ADII, which follows its pilot even better than before -- and with a slightly more subtle color scheme.

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