Gudak turns your $1,000 iPhone into a $20 disposable camera

Complete with a three day image processing time and no preview.

With their simple controls and lack of preview, disposable cameras are fun to use and let you relive the party once the film is developed. Gudak wants to give you that feeling with its iPhone app -- it has a number of features that are pretty bizarre at first glance, but make sense if you get into the spirit of things.

You're limited to 24 photos per day, and a "processing laboratory" tells you when the images are "developed." That might seem weird if you're used to taking 24 digital photos of one subject, but it does force you to choose the best moments. There's also a tiny, simulated viewfinder that's impractical as hell, but again, it means you can only do basic composition chores, rather than micromanaging the shot and spoiling the moment.

You also have to wait three entire days before you can see the images. Here, the app is really pushing it with the Kodak impression, trying to be the Daniel Day-Lewis of disposable camera apps. However, that was part of the charm of those cameras -- you shot it and forgot it, then after developing the film, get your pals together, have some laughs and relive the party all over again.

There are even simulated "light leaks" randomly introduced into shots, along with the reddish, over-saturated color wash you remember. Sure, it's a bit gimmicky, but it's cute as hell and for $0.99, could be fun for awhile. It's now on the iPhone app store, but not yet on Android.