Listen to tunes in Google Play Music's search results

It's easier than ever to listen to hot jams on your phone.

If you use Google Play Music on the road, we have good news: you can listen to the latest summer jams faster than ever. In a mirror of an update to the web player from several months back, the streaming service revamped search results field in its Android and iOS apps, centering around "play" buttons for every result it finds. So long as you find what you're looking for, you can start playback the moment you've finished typing instead of visiting a dedicated search results page. Just be aware that it starts a radio station when you hit that button for a song -- you may not enjoy this feature so much if you only wanted to listen to one cut.

The results themselves are also cleaner. Before, Play Music would just show a list of plain autocomplete results. Now, it highlights up to three immediately playable results from the catalog (such as albums, artists or songs) and includes a handful of autocomplete results below. This could be a pain if you're looking for music that rarely turns up in as-you-type search results, but it'll be much more helpful in the majority of situations when you know what you want.