Samsung Pay will soon tap into your PayPal account

It’s just another way to more easily part with your hard-earned cash online.

Samsung Pay has been steadily increasing its payment options since it debuted two years ago, and now it's adding a new vendor to its services. Soon, Samsung Pay users will be able to use PayPal in-app, in-store and online.

Users can add their PayPal accounts to Samsung Pay and use their PayPal wallet anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted. And because it uses proprietary MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology, which allows you to use Samsung Pay at terminals that don't accept NFC, it's accepted more places than any other mobile payment platform. Merchants will also be able to accept Samsung Pay online through PayPal's Braintree.

Using PayPal wallet with Samsung Pay is only currently available in the United States. However, Samsung is working on expanding PayPal wallet support to the 18 other markets it serves, including Spain, South Korea, China and India, soon.

This is a good move for PayPal as well. The service has been moving more and more into mobile payment methods. With these integrations, you may soon be able to use your PayPal account just like a real bank account.