Google Street View takes you aboard the ISS

In case you want to preview the neighborhood before making the long trip.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station just got an adorable floating camera, but what do we get? While nobody's handing out free rides to the ISS, you can digitally explore it now that it's up on Google Street View.

Since there's no gravity, the astronauts make use of surfaces in every direction, so the Street View in space truly spans 360 degrees. But that's not all: Google included info nodes for the curious to learn more about the station's technical machinery and points of interest. As TechCrunch points out, there happened to be a SpaceX Dragon capsule docked to the ISS during shooting, so you can spot that too.

While Street View's controls are a little wonky for three-dimensional navigation, it's still a fascinating and accessible tour of a place many of us will never see in person. Start your orbital journey of humanity's most remote manned outpost here.