LG shrank its dual-screen V20 to make the Q8

It'll probably be good for audiophiles, just like its parent.

If you hankered after LG's V20, but wanted it to be a bit smaller and a bit cheaper, then you should probably take a peek at the new Q8. It's the company's latest mass-market smartphone for the sort of folks who don't want to splash out mad stacks on a flagship. The 5.2-inch device is packing the same notable features as its predecessor, including the ESS Quad DAC, dual cameras and secondary / overflow display.

Buyers can also expect to find IP67 water and dust resistance that's capable of withstanding ingress of those substances for up to half an hour. Internals-wise, you're pretty much getting the same as the V20: a Snapdragon 820 paired with 4GB RAM and a 3,000mAh battery -- the V20 had a 3,200mAh. Otherwise, the biggest draw is the smaller body, although the screen retains the same 2,560 x 1,440 resolution.

Unfortunately, LG has yet to share how much it'll cost, although it'll arrive in countries across Europe this week, and Asia next month. Although probably not in Japan, where a B&O-branded version, the LG V34, came out last October.