HP hopes its new all-in-one PCs are style icons

The latest Pavilion All-in-Ones are posher and more powerful.

With certain exceptions, HP's all-in-ones aren't what you'd call eye-catching. They're not ugly, but they aren't exactly conversation pieces. HP thinks it can change that: it's introducing revamped reversions of the Pavilion 24 and Pavilion 27 that actually look (dare we say it) pretty. Their edge-to-edge 1080p touchscreens, slimmer designs (as thin as 0.33 inches), distinctive stands and fabric-covered chins give them a slick minimalist look that would feel entirely at home alongside modern decor. The overhaul isn't as dramatic on the inside, but there are some definite improvements that could make them worth a look.

Both models mark the return of HP's privacy cameras, which tuck away when you aren't using them. If you're worried about your kids getting into sketchy video chats (or just want to make life difficult for spies), you just have to tuck the cam out of the way. Logically, there's an optional infrared camera to sign you in using Windows Hello's face recognition. The roster also touts 7th-generation Core or AMD A12 chips depending on your trim level, and you can spring for dedicated Radeon 530 graphics if you need more power for light gaming.

The new Pavilions start at $750. That's not a trivial outlay, especially since these aren't high-end rigs, but HP is clearly betting that style goes a long way. And it's not an outlandish idea -- style and ergonomics are crucial to all-in-ones, and it could be worth a small premium to get a PC that you'd be happy to see on your desk.