Huawei's Watch 2 costs $550 more with a Porsche Design logo

The $370 device isn't cheap to begin with.

Android Wear still pretty clunky despite the version 2.0 release, and most of the smartwatches using it are somewhere on a scale between homely and fugly. Huawei's Watch 2 is a decent looking exception, though, and it's hoping to boost profits from brand-conscious, deep-pocketed consumers with a Porsche Design version. Launched earlier this year, it now has a price: €795 ($920, or £710). That's around $550 more than the Watch 2 Classic, a similar model with a metal bezel on a plastic body.

So what does that extra dose of cash get you? Apart from a snazzy ad with a less-than-enthusiastic looking Lionel Messi (below), you get red accents on the buttons, a hybrid strap with red stripes, and the Porsche Design logo. There's also a different metal bezel with the logo and what looks like a speedometer readout instead of minutes and seconds, because cars, I guess.

Suffice to say, buyers of this model are probably looking for the Porsche Design branding because their rich friends have never heard of Huawei. While that might sound like a crazy reason to buy a smartwatch, a lot more people than expected plopped down $1,500 for a Tag Heuer model without a second thought.