TiVo's voice-controlled Bluetooth remote has a Netflix button

FCC filings confirm a new control unit is in the works.

The TiVo peanut-style remote has only changed slightly over the years, but ZatzNotFunny points out that a new revision is close to release. Labeled S6V, this Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected remote popped up in FCC filings, while a clearer image appeared in an earlier leak along with a trademark for TiVo Bolt Vox and TiVo Mini Vox. TiVo will hardly be the first company to put a microphone inside its remote, as the Apple TV control is built around Siri and even Comcast has a version already available. The manual included in the filing describes a two-button pairing process with the TiVo and back buttons, for the company's first Bluetooth unit since the TiVo Slide keyboard-equipped remote.

Besides the big blue microphone button, the picture also reveals a dedicated commercial skip button (currently the feature is relegated to the nondescript D button, the earlier leak had this button labeled for video on-demand) that highlights the TiVo's capabilities in that area. Also, it appears that Netflix has negotiated the inclusion of a branded button on this remote, just like so many other connected TV boxes. TiVo has had a comprehensive universal search built in for longer than many other platforms, so there should be plenty to do by voice whenever this remote is officially revealed.