The best game consoles and accessories for your dorm room

These are the game consoles you should invest in, and the titles you should play on them.

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Not all of your college fun will involve keggers or games of ultimate frisbee. As the weather gets colder, you might have difficulty tearing yourself out of your dorm, in which case your entertainment options are limited: Host an in-room dance party, Netflix and chill or settle in for a little gaming. In addition to our favorite consoles (no, we couldn't choose just one), we've selected a handful of accessories and must-have titles for our back-to-school guide. Enjoy, and may you do a better job making friends with rival fanboys in real life than you do online.

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  • Switch
  • PS4 Slim (500GB 'Uncharted' bundle)
  • Xbox One S (1TB 'Gears of War' bundle)
  • 2DS XL
  • A50 wireless gaming headset
  • Extra Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
  • Armor Guards for Joy-Con
  • Cityslicker Case for Nintendo Switch
  • Custom Xbox One controllers
  • Expansion drive (1TB)
  • 'Overcooked'
  • 'Night in the Woods'
  • 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe'
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