Google tests Amazon-like Q&A section for local businesses

Some people who can access it can't get it to work, though.

Google is testing a feature you're likely used to seeing on Amazon's listings. SEO Specialist Sergey Alakov has spotted an experimental Questions & Answers section inside search card results for local businesses. Like any other Google test feature, only a few people can access it and even those who can might not be able to take it for a spin. Alakov couldn't -- it prompted him to log in, but it went on the fritz when he tried to type something in the text box -- but someone in Ukraine successfully submitted a question.

If the feature truly is like Amazon's Q&A, then everybody will be able to leave questions to be answered by either the business itself or other users. That's if Google decides on releasing it to the public after the test period. Before that happens, though, Mountain View still has to activate the feature for those who can already access it to be able to conduct a proper trial run.