Amazon debuts its own fashion label for women's shoes and purses

It's called 'The Fix' and is exclusive to Prime subscribers.

Amazon has been making their foray into fashion for awhile now (really, what area are they not at least exploring?), and now they've announced a new private label. Called "The Fix," and available exclusively to Prime members, it will focus on women's shoes and handbags inspired by current design trends.

This isn't the first in-house brand Amazon has created. It has several, all of which are aimed at being affordable, and The Fix is no different. Footwear News, which first reported the label's launch, claims that items in the collection will start around $50 but will not be priced higher than $140. Additionally, The Fix's shoes and handbags won't rely on traditional fashion seasons; instead, new products will be rolled out on a monthly basis, to more quickly be able to keep up with what is currently fashionable.

If your mental alarm bells are telling you that this sounds a whole lot like Amazon is getting ready to rip off trendy designs, well, you probably aren't wrong. TechCrunch reports that there are already knock-off Birkenstocks in the Fix collection. And the fact that they are introducing new items on a monthly basis, rather than seasonal, means they can copy designs and roll products out a lot faster than other retailers. The fashion industry might be unwilling to work with Amazon, but it looks like the retail giant is carving its own path, and the results might be bloody.