Sony raising the price of PlayStation Plus in Europe

It follows a similar increase in the US last September.

Do you enjoy firing up your PS4, playing a few online matches and maybe checking out what free games and discounts are up for grabs? Well, we hope you really enjoy doing all that, because you're about to pay that bit more for the privilege. Sony has today been sending out emails to PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe, informing them that the cost of their subscription is going up on August 31st. In the UK, the monthly price is increasing from £6 to £7, the quarterly cost from £15 to £20, and an annual pass is rising from £40 to £50.

The story is the same elsewhere in Europe, where the monthly, quarterly and yearly prices will be revised to €8, €25 and €60, respectively. Sony hasn't offered any explanation as to why the price of membership is increasing, but does recommend you check your auto-renewal settings if you're not thrilled about the extra expense. If it's any consolation, a similar price hike hit American subscribers last September, so we're almost lucky it took Sony this long to balance things out in Europe.

At the time, Sony didn't provide much of an explanation either, apart from that "The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members." If you reckon you'll still be wanting a PlayStation Plus membership for the foreseeable future, it might be worth picking up an annual membership before the end of August and dodging the price hike for another year.