Lyft's ‘Minnie Vans’ will drive guests around Disney World

They're driven by Disney cast members and painted to look like Minnie’s dress.

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Earlier this month, Lyft teamed up with Taco Bell for a new Taco Mode service that lets riders add a stop to the fast food chain on their late night route. Now, Lyft is partnering with another brand -- Disney. As of today, guests staying in Disney World's Boardwalk, Yacht Club and Beach Club resorts can call a Lyft to drive them to wherever they want to go within the Walt Disney World Resort. And the best part is that the vehicles are painted to look like Minnie Mouse's dress and are called "Minnie Vans."

Lyft has been doing pretty well for itself lately. While it still has a ways to go before catching up with Uber, Lyft has been growing faster that its popular but trouble-ridden competitor and its service hit one million rides per day earlier this month. Positioning itself alongside brands like Disney and offering exclusive services with companies like Taco Bell could keep pushing Lyft's growth.

Minnie Vans can carry up to six guests, come equipped with two car seats for children and will be driven by Disney cast members in costume. Disney and Lyft haven't said when or if the program will expand to other Disney World resorts or if the service will launch in Disneyland.

Image: Disney (Vans)

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