Goofy AirPod pockets are the latest ridiculous fashion statement

We get it… you have AirPods.

"I'm always losing my AirPods," says everyone who's purchased a pair of Apple's questionably fashionable wireless headphones. While it's unlikely that putting them in tiny pockets in your shirt collar will help much, Stone Island has come out with two new ways to do just that. Both pieces, part of the fashion company's Fall/Winter 2017 collection, will at least let you show off the fact that you bought the $160 peripherals while also proving that AirPod users are objectively the worst. (Full disclosure: I'm using my own pair right now.)

It's hard to see these little sewn-in AirPod slots as anything more than vanity ports for the terminally fashion-conscious. Surely your AirPods will fall out of their protective mini-pocket as soon as you start to move your body at the club or even just bend down to tie your shoes. Do yourself a favor and grab something from the collection with actual pockets, preferably with zippers.