The best audio gear for students

Speakers, headphones and maybe a turntable, if you're fancy.

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There's a strong case to be made for investing in quality audio gear at any period in your adult life. For college students in particular, though, a good set of speakers can be icebreakers as much as gateways into audiophilia. As such, we've included three options in our back-to-school buyer's guide, along with a turntable and amplifier, should you be more creatively inclined. Content to just listen to music and podcasts on the way to class? We have a few headphones you should check out, too.

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  • Echo Dot
  • AT-LP120-USB turntable
  • HD3 speakers
  • Beoplay P2 speaker
  • Crave 360 speaker
  • The Headphones
  • Mustang GT 40
  • 4.50 HD BTNC headphones
  • MDR-1000X headphones
  • Stadion headphones
  • Gen X-1 synth
  • Macchiato Mini Synth
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