A Japanese cosmetics company found its perfect pitch man: Guile

Who else would you trust to endorse hair gel that can take a beating?

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Richard Lawler
August 4th, 2017

The trend of video game characters hawking real-life products doesn't seem to be slowing, but this time it's a classic character capitalizing on the right opportunity. Guile's unmoving 'do makes him the perfect imaginary person to endorse J-Gel, which is made by a cosmetics company that Kotaku says has been in the business since 1615. Even in defeat the Street Fighter character's hair hardly moves, which makes us wonder why this tie-in didn't happen sooner? (Although, if Capcom is ready to license, someone has a few ideas for what comes next.)

Oddly, while this comes after a pair of branding opportunities shoehorned into the Final Fantasy universe (Nissin Cup Noodles and Nissan vehicles), this isn't even the first Street Fighter tie-in this year. In Japan Toyota advertised its small C-HR crossover with a series of ads sliding it into older versions of the games.

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