Instagram livestreamers can add a guest to their broadcasts

This new feature is rolling out slowly, so don't freak if you can't do it yet.

Livestreaming is becoming a major part of social networks -- Instagram, Twitter (via Periscope) and Facebook have all been pushing it in our faces for a while now. They all work the same, more or less, but Instagram is adding an intriguing new feature to the mix. Today, the company announced that some users will be able to add a "guest" to their live broadcasts, essentially adding a second contributor to the livestream. This lets users have a live conversation with a friend and broadcast both sides of that chat to your followers.

Once you have a guest in your livestream, you can boot them out any time you want and add another, or the person you invited can also leave at any time. When you're livestreaming with a guest, followers will just see the screen split 50/50 between what your camera is broadcasting and what the other person in the stream is shooting. For now, it seems you can only add one person to the stream; there's no word on whether Instagram will let you add multiple guests, but it seems like that could get pretty complicated on a small screen.

Instagram says it is only testing out this feature with a "small percentage" of users for now, but it'll roll out globally in the coming months.