Nintendo's 'Samus' 3DS XL is perfect for that 'Metroid' reboot

The Samus Edition console will come out the same day the game drops.

Huge Metroid fan? You'll be thrilled to know that Nintendo has designed a New 3DS XL to go with the upcoming Metroid II reboot, then. The Samus Edition console will be available on September 15th, the same day Metroid: Samus Returns lands on shelves. It features an orange and yellow case with a print of the armor-bound intergalactic bounty hunter on the front.

You'll have to buy your own copy of the side-scrolling adventure, because the console doesn't come with the game. But since it will only set you back $200 -- same as a standard 3DS XL -- it's not a bad deal at all. You need to act fast if you don't want to pay jacked-up prices on eBay, though. Like many 3DS consoles designed to be released with specific titles, this one's limited edition only.