Vudu movie streaming comes to Apple TV on August 22nd

It helps close a gap in the Apple TV's video selection.

It's not just Amazon that's bringing an arguably overdue video service to the Apple TV in the near future. After a tease in June, Vudu has announced that its streaming movie service will come to Apple's media box on August 22nd, or weeks ahead of the originally announced fall release. You likely won't pay for movies directly on the device given Apple policies taking a cut of in-app media sales (we've asked Vudu for clarification). Still, this means you can watch your purchased or rented Vudu shows on the Apple TV without resorting to AirPlay on one of your iOS devices.

The addition isn't completely necessary given that iTunes frequently covers the bases for purchases and rentals. All the same, it's still closing a conspicuous gap in availability. Vudu has been available on Roku players, smart TVs, Chromecast and other devices for years -- the Apple TV is one of the few gadgets that can't access it. You probably weren't basing your purchasing decision on Vudu (not by itself, at least), but this might help sway you if you're determined to have as many choices as possible.