Sorry, Amazon is canceling your 'free' Echo Dot

You do get credit in return for your trouble, though.

If you thought that free Echo Dot was too good to be true... well, you were right. Amazon is cancelling zero-cost orders for the tiny smart speaker, informing buyers that a "technical error" was responsible for the surprise Audible discount. You won't walk away empty-handed if you seized the opportunity, mind you. Amazon is giving would-be buyers a $5 promotional credit, so you might still get a break on the Dot if that's what you were after. Just don't expect to see a repeat slip-up any time soon.

Update: Readers (including those of you in the comments) report that Amazon did, in fact, honor at least a few of the free orders. That's bound to be frustrating if your purchase was cancelled, but it's frankly intriguing that anyone is getting a gratis Dot in the first place.