Pre-register for 'Monument Valley 2' on Google Play (updated)

You'll be notified when the game actually releases for Android.

The sequel to the mind-bending, gorgeous puzzler Monument Valley has been available for iOS since June; it was announced at Apple's developer conference, WWDC. Now Android users get to experience the MC Escher-inspired mobile game. Well, almost. Monument Valley 2 is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

When you hit the pre-register button on the Play store, you're essentially signing up to get a notification on your device when the app is released. Once you've registered, you can unregister with another click (or tap) on the same button. Monument Valley 2 has you guiding a mother and child duo across a magical landscape, full of mysterious, moving architecture and secret pathways. It's a good thing to see it showing up on Android, so even more of us can check it out.

Update: Ustwo tells Engadget that the full version of Monument Valley 2 for Android will happen sometime "before the end of the year."