Korg's revives another classic synth in its latest iOS app

The Mono/Poly is back for your iPad or iPhone.

Korg has a habit of reviving old synths via an app for iPad and iPhone, and this week the audio company revealed its latest creation. Korg claims the new, $20 iMono/Poly app for iOS reproduces every feature of the original Mono/Poly analog synth, first released in 1981. The mobile app recreates the original's 4 voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) that let you dial in a seemingly endless variety of harmonic and melodic sounds. The app also adds a couple of modern additions, including two multi-effects units and eight virtual patches for even more functionality.

The original synth, while not an initial breakout success, has since become a favorite of many electronic artists, and has been used by acts including Hardfloor, Tangerine Dream, The Orb, 808 State, Juno Reactor, Megaton Matt Haines, Freddy Fresh and the Chemical Brothers. The Mono/Poly synth's unique sound came from its then-innovative ability to either combine oscillators into polyphonic sounds or chain them together for monophonic synth leads.

The new app has 128 presets so you can get to playing immediately without having to create your own synth sounds. There are 128 more presets you can purchase in-app, as well. Since a synthesizer like this has a ton of options and settings to mess around with, so Korg has designed the screens that let you rotate between the main synth, key assignment, virtual patch and effects screens with ease. In addition, if you have Korg's music-production software, Gadget, you'll be able to pull the iMono/Poly synth sounds into your digital audio workstation, free of charge. Whether you're looking to simply make some vintage sounds with presets or really dig in to the back-end settings of this analog synthesizer emulator, the Korg iMono/Poly synth app could surely up your retro game.