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'Super Meat Boy Forever' lands on Nintendo Switch next year

It's also heading to PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Splat!

Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to successful twitch platformer Super Meat Boy, will hit Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android with a squishy, bloody splat in 2018.

Super Meat Boy Forever features all of the rapid-fire leaping, sliding and dodging of the original game, but with added moves, daily challenges and a ranking system. It stars Meat Boy (an adorable block of bleeding tissue), Bandage Girl (she's built out of Band-Aids) and their sweet baby, Nugget. Nugget is captured by the evil Dr. Fetus (you get the idea by now) and players have to platform their way around increasingly treacherous levels stacked with spinning blades, spikes, poison and other deadly traps.

Nintendo revealed the Switch release date during today's indie-focused live stream, and the game's website lists the additional platforms in the 2018 release window as well. The original Super Meat Boy was a runaway hit for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade program when it hit that system in 2010.