Western Digital's wireless drives get a makeover

The upgraded design comes with a new app, too.

Western Digital

Western Digital's wireless backup drives have had a makeover. The new My Cloud Home (opposed to the previous 'My Cloud') is sleeker, more angular and comes with a textured bottom half, perfect for those who'd rather their living room didn't look like a server farm. According to Western Digital, people spread their data across an average of 14 different devices, totalling around 4.5TB of data per household in the US. My Cloud Home lets users dump all of their stuff in one central place, then access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

My Cloud Home also comes with a new, more streamlined app. This should be good news for My Cloud owners frustrated with the old app's clunky design, but because the new drives were, according to the company, designed "from the ground up", existing My Cloud users won't be able to use it. Instead, they'll have to get down to Best Buy tomorrow, where My Cloud Home will be on sale at prices ranging from $160 for a 2TB drive to $700 for a 16TB dual-drive.