Logitech Craft keyboard has a ‘smart’ dial for creatives

The built in control wheel works with Adobe's Creative suite and other apps.

Logitech has unveiled a very interesting flagship wireless keyboard that should grab the attention of folks who do video editing and web or graphics design. Called the Craft, it has a "creative input dial" installed in the top left part of the keyboard. That lets you do image adjustment in apps like Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or InDesign CC, or jog video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, not unlike Microsoft's standalone Surface Dial product.

The dial, which can be rotated or clicked, can handle more than just creative chores, Logitech says. It also lets you scroll through Excel spreadsheets, navigate playlists in Spotify or jump from tab to tab in a browser. Using Logitech's "Options" software, you can assign a turn or click to just about any app, the company says. It will also release an SDK "soon" for software developers.

As for the keyboard itself, Logitech says that it's designed for comfort, and that "each key is engineered for efficiency, stability and precision." With Bluetooth LE wireless, you can instantly switch between up to three devices, either on Windows or Mac. It also features smart illumination that can sense room lighting and your hands to turn or adjust the backlighting. The Craft will play nicely with other Logitech MX products, including its MX Master series of mice and the new MX Sound PC Bluetooth speaker.

The dial is a genius idea, and may be enough to tempt creative pros who were thinking of using a Loupedeck, Palette, or other external control. The craft keyboard arrives to the US in October 2017 for $200, and will hit the UK sometime in September for £179.00.