TomTom watches push you to roll back your 'fitness age'

The company didn't announce new hardware at IFA, but it announced a big software upgrade.

Instead of launching a fitness watch or two at the IFA conference, TomTom has announced three new features for existing devices that could provide that push you need to get fit. The first one is called Fitness Age, because it tells your age based on your fitness level. It computes for the result by comparing your VO2 max to other people's of the same age and gender. In athletic training, VO2 max means the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume per minute for your weight and is a key indicator of cardio fitness and endurance.

Depending on what your Fitness Age is, you'll get Fitness Points every time you exercise. The more activities you do, the more points you get, and if you get 500 points thrice a week, you'll see your Fitness Age go down little by little. The last feature called Personalized Workouts will then analyze how you've been doing. It will adjust the intensity and duration of the 50 different running and cycling workouts it offers based on your fitness level.

TomTom will release these features, along with phone notifications and autopause, across its existing sportswatch range. If you have one of the brand's fitness watches, keep an eye out for the major software upgrade sometime this September.

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