Chris Redfield is back in free 'Resident Evil 7' DLC this December

Along with another DLC pack and a Gold Edition that includes all the game's content.

We were delighted (and scared silly) playing Resident Evil 7, which turned the franchise around and brought it back to its sinister, horrific roots. The game's first two Banned Footage DLC packs came out mere weeks after the main game launched back in January, but the third additional content pack, End of Zoe, is finally coming out on December 12th. But if you've held off buying the game, Capcom is releasing a gold edition of the title on the same day that loops in all the DLC for an undisclosed price.

Also launching on December 12th is another piece of DLC, Not A Hero, featuring series favorite Chris Redfield taking on the Baker mansion's monsters with an action-horror feel reminiscent of the franchise's previous games. That content, originally promised for Spring 2017, was so long delayed that Capcom is giving it away for free to Resident Evil 7 owners on every platform.

Both Not A Hero and End of Zoe are playable in PSVR, continuing the game's great tradition of scaring the pants off you in immersive virtual reality. End of Zoe is $15 on its own (or included in the core game's Season Pass).