The makers of HipChat are launching their Slack competitor, Stride

It offers free video and voice calls as well as a muting option called Focus Mode.

The Slack competitor space is a little crowded these days. There's Facebook's Workplace, Microsoft's Teams, Google Hangouts and Doist's Twist. Now, Atlassian, the maker of HipChat, is introducing another option -- Stride.

Stride offers chat services as well as video conferencing and even a widespread muting option called Focus Mode. With Meetings, Stride users can easily move a chat conversation to a video or voice call -- a free option available at any subscription tier. During chats, whenever a team decides on a certain direction or project, users can also mark relevant messages as Actions or Decisions, which makes it easier to go back to it and the rest of the message thread later on. And Focus Mode turns off all notifications and messages until you're ready to view them. Once you're out of the mode, any messages, Actions and Decisions that popped up while you were away will be aggregated and displayed for you.

The app isn't available just yet, but you can sign up to request an early access invitation.