Medium adds Bloomberg and other publications to subscription service

Non-members can read up to three stories per month.

In a push to monetize its publishing platform, Medium added a $5 Netflix-style subscription last March. The system includes a way for members to "clap" different posts to give creators a percentage of their membership fee as well. Now Medium is bringing professional publications into the fold with curated selections from the likes of The New York Times, Bloomberg and Rolling Stone tucked behind the subscription paywall.

While Medium already had a limited set of publications online, this is a full roll out of the concept. The full list of partners also includes The Financial Times, The Economist, New York Magazine, Fast Company, CNN, Foreign Policy, MIT Technology Review, Popular Science and The Guardian. If you're a Medium member, you can read as much as you want from the stories chosen for inclusion. If you haven't subscribed, you'll be able to read up to three stories from behind the paywall each month. When you follow the publications, their stories will show up on your personalized Medium homepage, in the Medium app and in your Daily Digest email.