Twitter tests a feature that simplifies your tweetstorms

Crafting an epic-length diatribe could soon be easy.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

Tweetstorms are a staple of Twitter these days -- it's not uncommon to see someone shout "thread" and point to a mammoth 30-tweet piece of political commentary. Whether or not you feel that's the best use of Twitter, it could soon be much easier to compose those epic-length stories. A user (going by the alias Devesh Logendran) has discovered a hidden, experimental tweetstorm feature in Twitter's Android app that simplifies the process. Instead of posting tweets one at a time and replying to them in sequence, you compose everything behind the scenes and share it all at once. You wouldn't have to worry about a broken sequence, or people replying to your story before you've finished telling it.

Twitter declined to offer an on-the-record comment to TechCrunch. However, our colleagues understand that the feature isn't (currently) available for public tests.

It's questionable whether or not enabling tweetstorms is the wisest idea. Wouldn't it be better if the company encouraged you to post on Medium, where your thoughts won't read out like a tiny serialized novel? So long as the company keeps its 140-character limit, though, it's understandable why it would at least toy with the concept. The people who tend to indulge in tweetstorms (such as tech luminaries and political activists) are highly influential and drive a lot of activity. Twitter likely wants to do whatever it can to court these people lest they wander over to Facebook and take their followers with them.