Ads in Instagram Stories will look more like your own stories

All the better to get your attention.

Instagram has been showing ads in its Stories since March of this year, but it's been pretty obvious they're ads -- they're often pre-produced clips that were obviously shot and edited with professional equipment. But starting today, however, those ads could look a lot more like the ones you and your friends create. That's because Instagram is now allowing advertisers to use the native Instagram Stories camera in ad creation.

What that means is that every once in awhile, you might see an ad in Stories that uses the same camera filters and tags that you use. There'll still be a sponsored tag at the top left, but since the ad looks like any other Story, you'll probably be less likely to tap past it.

Instagram's Stories has been a huge success for the photo-sharing site this past year. It now has well over 250 million daily users, and more than 50 percent of businesses have created an ad story in the past 30 days.