Apple can turn your facial expressions into animated emojis

Thanks to the Animoji app on the iPhone X

It seems that the rumors were true: iPhone X owners can use their phone to map emojis from their facial expressions in real time. They need only select their chosen emoji from a fairly extensive list and the Animoji app will map your eye, mouth and cheek expressions to your animated counterpart. Yes, even the poo emoji.

Once you've selected an animoji, the depth-cameras will map the image of, say, a cute panda or unicorn on your face. Then you can record clips of you speaking that'll directly animate onto the character you've chosen.

After you've made your recording, you can then send the animojis as video messages or stickers in iMessage, which will be sent to your friends as a looping clip. It appears that, for now, the feature is limited to the iPhone X thanks to its more sophisticated front-facing camera and facial recognition technology.

Like so many of the other features that were on show at the Apple event, details of the animoji app were spilled by the iOS 11 leak last weekend. 9to5Mac first reported on the feature, although back then it wasn't clear that it was exclusive to the iPhone X.

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