Facebook is testing a temporary unfollow option for your News Feed

The ‘Snooze’ feature lets you hide someone for up to a month.

Facebook is testing out a new feature that would let users temporarily unfollow a friend or a Page. TechCrunch noticed a Snooze option today, which a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to us is in testing mode. "We're testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant," they said.

If someone is getting on your nerves and you'd rather not seem them in your Feed for a little while, you can tap the drop down menu in the top right corner of their post. There along with Unfollow is a Snooze option that allows you to unfollow that person or that Page for a day, a week or a month.

Facebook hasn't provided any information about when the test began or how widespread it is. And of course, there's no guarantee that it will be permanently incorporated into the site. I'm a big fan of the permanent Unfollow, but for those that don't want to break ties in the long-term, this would be a really useful option.

Images: Facebook / TechCrunch