Shure puts its pro-audio chops to work in $100 Bluetooth earbuds

There's also a $100 cable that gives existing wired models the same connectivity.

Shure, the audio company that made its bones early in the middle of the 20th century with its iconic Unidyne grill microphones, got into producing high-end earphones and headsets in the late 1990s. The company is finally joining the rest of the audio world by releasing its first-ever Bluetooth earbuds, along with a new $100 proprietary cable that enables older models to be used wirelessly, too.

Any of Shure's noise-cancelling SE line, which all feature detachable earbuds, can be linked up with the Bluetooth Accessory Cable. The new $150 SE215 buds, the more expensive of the pair introduced today, operate this way (and come in several colors): Fans of the headphone jack can still plug in to a headphone jack with a separate cable if they wish, or they can pop off the SE215's and use its cable to make fancier SE earbuds wireless. The cheaper $100 SE112 are a single cord-and-earbuds unit and only come in black. All of these options are Bluetooth 4.1-compatible, promise eight hours of battery life and have a 30-foot range.

Sure, Shure was late to the Bluetooth earbuds party. But with Apple's next iPhones leaving the headphone jack behind for good and the glut of Bluetooth sets we saw at IFA 2017, it's still savvy to get into the wireless audio market.