Nest takes on home defense with its Secure alarm system

Bundles range from $499 to $599.

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Nest wants to manage every aspect of your home's security -- not just its thermostats and cameras. The company has announced a slew of products designed to keep an eye on your home while you're away, under the Nest Secure banner. That includes a Google-Home-looking Guard control system, Detect sensors (placed in rooms, near windows and doors) and a Tag keychain that arms and disarms the security hub. The starter bundle will cost $499, with extra Detect sensors running $59. Need an additional Tag for your roommates or kids? Those will set you back $25 each. A bundle with the Nest Cam Outdoor (this is different from the latest Nest Cam IQ Outdoor) will be available at Best Buy as well as Nest's website for $598.

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Nest also promises a 24/7 monitoring system and integration with other smart home devices like Philips Hue bulbs and its just-announced Hello video doorbell. Oh, and naturally, this will all be controllable via the Nest app. With today's announcements, one thing is clear: Nest wants to completely own the smart home security space, sidelining established companies like ADT.

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