Instagram's 'follows you' feature reveals your true friends

The long-overdue feature is currently being trialed by some Android users.


In what might be one of the most overdue updates of all time, Instagram is finally testing a feature that lets you see if someone is following you directly from their bio. Previously, you'd have to laboriously scroll through your followers list to see if your crush/boss/favorite celebrity cat was following you -- now you can just check their bio for the "follows you" label.

This incredibly simple and much sought-after update has the internet rejoicing, but it seems it's only rolling out to Android users at the moment (and not all of them -- no-one at Engadget can see the coveted label yet). Instagram has been pretty vague about the new feature, telling Mashable "We're always testing ways to improve the Instagram experience." Rest assured the iOS update will follow soon, though, and then everyone can get to work culling their follower lists and taking their social media beef and passive aggression to a whole new level.