Joe Biden will give daily news briefings on Echo and Google Home

The former VP wants you to know what's on his mind.

One of the most useful features across both Google Home and the Amazon Echo series is getting a daily news briefing. Asking both devices to tell you what's going on for your day can include a customized look at news that matters to you from a variety of sources. As of today, there's a new option for getting a news update from your smart speaker, and it comes from a somewhat surprising source: former vice president Joe Biden. "Biden's Briefing" is essentially a short daily podcast featuring news and info curated by Biden -- the content itself is sourced from a wide variety of news publications, including Axios, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, New York Review of Books, Politico, Slate, Vice and Wired.

How exactly the format will work isn't quite clear -- it sounds like Biden will be "curating" the content, but what's unclear is if the program will just replay stories from its sources or if Biden will be offering his own take. Judging from a few pictures the Biden's Briefing team shared, it looks like he'll be recording at least a bit of audio though. Either way, having a former VP dishing news he cares about from a bunch of big media sources is worth paying attention to. Sure, Biden could just share things on Twitter, but this will likely be a much less cluttered look at what Biden's interested in each day. Of course, that's provided you're interested in what he has to say -- time will tell just how partisan this feed is. If you're not a Google Home or Echo user, Biden's Briefing will also be available as a podcast on iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn as well.

Update: Ground Control, a company working in conjunction with Biden's team to produce this new show, gave us some additional details on how this will all work. Biden will be introducing each article, and it'll then be read by a team of voice-over actors who read the article "in the spirit" of the publication that produced it. Biden will also be able to interject his thoughts during the read-through of the article, though it sounds like he won't be doing that for every single piece.