Google Slides add-ons pull in content from around the web

You can also add your Keep notes to your slide deck.

Google Slides is about to make it easier if you want to whip together a polished presentation in a hurry. The productivity tool now supports add-ons that let you quickly drop in content without having to hunt for it in a separate website. You can add stock photos from Adobe, Shutterstock or Unsplash, for example. And if you want to customize things, there's now an Apps Script that lets you automatically fetch data and otherwise spare you from repetitive tasks.

Not that you'll necessarily have to implement a script. You now have the option of linking slides in different presentations to keep information synchronized between them. If a colleague has your company's latest customer stats in their slides, it'll automatically show up in your own work.

Other upgrades? There's now integration between Keep and Slides, so you can drag your rough ideas into your deck to make them a reality. You can also insert diagrams, choose a grid view to see your slides as thumbnails and skip slides in a presentation without deleting them. All told, you may produce slicker-looking presentations with considerably less work.