Nokia remakes its remade 3310 with... 3G

Retro phone gets retro update.

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Mat Smith
September 29th, 2017
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As companies continue to pull open our wallets through the nefarious magic known as nostalgia, Nokia is back with another attempt to syphon some more disposable income from millennials and... whichever generation came before them. The re-reheated Nokia 3310 3G has, yes, 3G, which upgrades the 2.5G of the relaunched dumbphone, but still trails the LTE (4G) speeds we're used to. (Not that technical specs matter if you're interested in buying one.) It'll arrive with new Azure and Charcoal color options -- and silver buttons -- but that's pretty much the only other things that have notably changed.

If you want to experience touchkey input and 3G's achingly-slow mobile web from two decades earlier, you'll have to wait until October. Nokia hasn't announced prices yet, but due nostalgia fatigue, we're... we're cool. We'll stick to our phones that need recharging every day, thanks.

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