Nest's security products and Google Home will do more together

Control your smart thermostat, doorbell and cameras with Google Home.

Today's Google event is all about, well, Google hardware, but that doesn't mean Nest isn't getting some love too. Onstage the company announced that its Google Home speaker (as well as the new Google Home Mini and Max) will have deeper, more-useful integrations with Nest hardware. So if you have a Nest camera set up, you can ask Home to show the live feed on your TV via Chromecast. You can also change the temperature on your Nest thermostat with simple, conversational terms like "warmer" and set up your Nest Hello doorbell so it calls Home, like a remote intercom.

Nest will also support Google Home routines. These are bundled actions that you trigger with a single key phrase like "OK Google, goodnight." Soon these grouped actions will include Nest hardware, meaning you can turn down the temperature while also killing your smart lights and any music playing in the living room. In short, Google is pushing all of its smart home products, including those developed by Nest, to feel like one natural and cohesive whole. How that all works in practice, of course, remains to be seen. We'll have to try it out when the new functionality goes live.

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