Sky Q is getting system-wide voice control

Launch channels, TV recordings and more.

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Nick Summers
October 5th, 2017

Back in March, Sky finally introduced voice search for its next-gen Sky Q service. With it, you can request specific TV shows and movies, or look through its vast library by mumbling the names of actors, directors and film genres. Now, Sky is going a step further with "enhanced Voice Control." The update will let you change channels, play recorded TV shows and fast-forward or rewind with simple commands like "skip back 30 seconds" and "watch from the start." You'll also be able to nip around the Sky Q menu with "go to Sky Store," "go to Sky Sports" and similar phrases.

Sky says the update will roll out "over the coming weeks." In addition, Sky is adding a Favorites section to the TV Guide. As you might expect, this will be a personalised home for your most frequently watched channels. (You can also edit them at any time.) If you have the premium Silver box you'll also notice a new, dedicated Ultra HD section that acts as a home for all of Sky's 4K content. These include Sky Original productions, such as Tin Star and Riviera, as well as blockbuster movies and Premier League matches.

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