Razer will debut its first smartphone on November 1st

Surprise: it's aimed at gamers.

Those rumors of a Razer smartphone for gamers just got much, much more tangible. Razer is teasing an event on November 1st with a preview image that shows a man holding a conspicuously phone-sized device. The company isn't wasting much time taking advantage of its Nextbit acquisition, then. While Razer is unsurprisingly shy on details, it describes the event as its "biggest unveiling" -- whatever it shows in November is important enough that the company wants to build as much hype as possible.

There isn't much known about Razer's device, but it won't be surprising if it's focused on display quality, sound and performance given the event's "watch, listen, play" mantra. And while Nextbit certainly has experience in phone design thanks to the Robin, its big hook was smart storage that automatically offloaded little-used apps to the cloud in a bid to save space. We wouldn't be shocked to see that feature make a comeback, even if it ultimately plays second fiddle to gaming-oriented features.