Twitter: From microblogging to the president's mouthpiece

The social media platform has witnessed major societal changes.

For the social media obsessed, Twitter's rise into the very fabric of our daily political lives might seem natural. But when you realize the site itself has only been around since 2006, Twitter's near-daily headlines in major news organizations is something to ponder. Especially when you consider it wasn't fully embraced as a newsgathering tool until 2010, when a US Airways aircraft made a miraculous landing on the Hudson River. Oh, such innocent times.

Twitter's most recent big picture shift to allowing 280 characters is a true milestone, but its not the only one. Our timeline to 280 video will take you through all the highs and lows on the micro-blogging platform. And maybe, please Jesus, one day the company will finally add an edit button. (Hey, we can hope.)