No one uses Facebook Stories, so now they're available for #brands

It's worth a shot.

Dado Ruvic / Reuters

Imagine working at Facebook and being the person/people who added Stories to the social network after seeing the way they took off on Snapchat and Instagram. Then think about the fact that hardly anyone is using the feature. That probably explains the reasoning behind opening the section up to Pages. Yep, #brands are getting access to the evaporating, 24-hour shelf-life videos now, too. Maybe Facebook found a group that will actually use them?

The social network says that this is rolling out to all Pages over the next few months, both on Android and iOS. The last attempt to make Facebook Stories relevant was allowing people to cross-post Stories directly from Instagram. And, well, that hasn't exactly set the world on fire, so might as well open them up to corporate shills at this point.