Garmin Speak puts Amazon Alexa in your car

It's now available for $150.

Gamin's GPS devices already feature voice control, but if you'd prefer to have Alexa onboard, its latest product is more your jam. The GPS device maker has just released Garmin Speak, which it says is the first in-vehicle device with hands-free access to Alexa. It's a tiny little thing, measuring just around an inch-a-half with a LED light ring and an OLED display that shows turn-by-turn directions. You can talk to the voice assistant through it the same way you'd talk to Alexa through an Echo: just say "Alexa" and follow it up with a voice command.

Need directions? Say "Alexa, ask Garmin to route me to" where you're going. The voice assistant can add items to your grocery list through Speak, play music or read an audiobook through your car's speakers, check your schedule, look up the weather and order you food. Simply speaking, anything Alexa can do for you at home, it can do for you on the move, though take note that it has to use your mobile data to work.

Amazon Alexa VP or Automotive Ned Curic said in a statement:

"Our vision is that the Alexa service will be everywhere our customers want it, including inside the car. Alexa on the Garmin Speak can help customers with many things, like controlling their smart home from the road, getting news or traffic, listening to Audiobooks, adding items to a shopping list, and ordering dinner with just their voice."

The Garmin Speak is now available through Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers for $150, around the same price as some of Garmin's other in-car models.