Amazon UK now has over 100 instant-order Dash buttons

New additions include pet food, cleaning products and...tea.

In order to be the biggest, sometimes you need to be the fastest. It's a philosophy that Amazon has strictly adhered to, thanks to 1-Click ordering and its one-click Dash buttons. It's been just over a year since Amazon introduced its instant order buttons, and in that time, the company has continued to add big-name brands like Heineken and Tassimo. Today, Amazon UK has announced that as part of another product refresh, it's made another 39 items available via Dash buttons, taking the total to over 100.

As expected, the large majority of new additions are household products. Brands like Bold, Calgon and Cillit Bang now have their own one-click buttons, as do pet food companies like Purina, Wagg, Bakers and Felix. The English Tea Shop, Evian and Vitacoco have also been added for customers who value hydration.

Amazon UK's Dash catalog is still some way off the 250 products offered across the pond, but it's no longer just a list of carefully-selected partners. Products like Batteries, sanitary products and alcohol can now be instantly-ordered the minute they've run out, reducing the need to trudge to the local supermarket.

The full list: Always Discreet, Ambi Pur, Applaws, Bakers, Beta, Bold, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Clairol Root Touch-Up, Dentalife, Encore, English Tea Shop, Evian, Febreze, Felix, Flash, Gaviscon, Harringtons, Head & Shoulders, Lily's Kitchen, Napisan, Nescafé, Nescafé Azera, Pampers Baby Wipes, PetSafe, Purina Go-Cat, Purina Gourmet, Purina Pro Plan, Simple Solution, SMA, Tampax, Vet's Best, VIPoo, Vitacoco, Wagg, Waterwipes, Windolene and World's Best Cat Litter.