LG's OLED TVs now pack loss-free 3D audio

Dolby TrueHD promises immersive sound without sacrificing quality.

There's a dirty secret to listening to Dolby Atmos sound on LG's current OLED TVs: all the audio is compressed, so you're losing a little fidelity for the sake of immersive 3D sound. You won't have to make that sacrifice before long. LG is trotting out an update later in October that will add support for lossless Dolby TrueHD audio to all its 2017 OLED sets. If you're watching a 4K Blu-ray movie (the most likely candidate for TrueHD support), you can hear jets soaring overhead at maximum quality.

The Dolby format should be available in more places, too. There's now TrueHD audio bitstreaming when you're playing console games, so titles that support it can pass that audio directly to your receiver for decoding. You'll get the benefit of TrueHD if you're using a supporting sound bar, as well. You might not necessarily notice the difference from going lossless (especially if you're using built-in speakers), but look at it this way: if you've already paid a pretty penny for an OLED TV, it only makes sense that you should get the no-sacrifice audio to match.